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Here we dispense with the current model of looking at life through a linear lens and adopt instead a paradigm of seeing the human system for the complex adaptive system it is.
What I mean by this is that you've probably been treating your system as though it responds in a linear fashion - input A = output B, if you double A then it will double the output B.

Complex adaptive systems do not work this way.

A complex adaptive system is one that is made up of multiple local agents interacting with one another through local feedback systems which have unpredictable net outcomes across and within the whole system. When we begin to view the human system through this complex lens, we can design and test interventions with a different understanding. We can observe that the system will adapt in order to function better and so the same input will then create a different, or emergent, property that changes the response.

Here are some key points to consider:

Non-Linearity in Biological Systems:
Biological systems, including the Human Being (a bio-energetical system), are inherently complex and dynamic. They often exhibit non-linear behavior, where small changes in inputs can lead to disproportionately large or unexpected changes in outputs. This complexity is evident in physiological processes, genetics, and the interactions between various bodily systems.A simple example you can relate to ; some people take a pain killer and they’re knocked out. Some will take 6 and it won’t do anything or some will adapt through time.Just like with strengthening and stretching can be good, but if it didn’t do the trick the first time double or tripling the input (action) won’t proportionally affect the output (result) (Here we're talking about reducing pain, not getting stronger). Hence, why you are here. If it would of worked in a linear fashion, you wouldn’t be here reading this and still looking for a new way to help yourself.

Holistic and Interconnected Nature:
The Human Being is a holistic entity where various systems (energy included) interact and influence each other. Inputs don't act in isolation; they interact in a network of relationships. Therefore, assuming a direct and proportional relationship between a single input and a specific outcome oversimplifies reality.

Individual Variability:
Each person is unique, and factors such as genetics, lifestyle, beliefs, mindset, energetic constitution and environmental exposures contribute to individual variability in how the body responds to inputs.

Feedback Mechanisms:
Biological systems often involve feedback loops that regulate and maintain balance. For example, the body has mechanisms to maintain homeostasis, and changes in one aspect may trigger compensatory responses that affect the overall system.

Dynamic Adaptation:
The human system is dynamic and adaptive. It has the ability to adapt to changes and stressors, and this adaptability can lead to complex responses that are not easily predicted by a linear model.

In summary, these observations highlight the need for a more nuanced and holistic approach of the human system. Embracing complexity, non-linearity, and individual variability is crucial for developing a comprehensive approach to health and wellness that goes beyond simple cause-and-effect relationships, and recognizing the interconnected and adaptive nature of Human Being.

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