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The brain, orchestra master

The brain is the element that we cannot do without. Without it, no information/command can reach a muscle or an organ. Without it, nothing happens. The brain works by computer circuits that are routed to it or that it projects. There is information sent to it so that it can locate the body in space and as a result, it projects several commands at once to stand, move, digest, relax, activate, laugh, socialize , etc.

The information or connection circuits between the different regions are the key to its proper functioning. A bad circuit can generate pain, lack of coordination, spasms, inflammation and any form of abnormal element.

Circuit correction eliminates anomalies at the source. Imagine having a computer that has a virus in a file. If you open the file, the computer will "bug". Even if you force stop the file or the computer, it does not solve the problem. You have to pass an antivirus or recode the file. It is the same for the body, forcing the tissues or structures according to our will with a good strong hand is like forcing the shutdown of the computer. It calms us down (for a while because we get really irritated), we breathe, but when we go back to our file, the error message still appears.

The key to success is to optimize the brain through various means to fix connections, circuits, and programs once and for all. The means that I use respect the priorities of the body where the sources of the problems are corrected layer by layer without risking an elastic effect.

Indoor Bonsai Tree

We must feel before we move

Your body is a sensory-motor system. “Sensori” for sense and “motor” for movement. Thus, it is essential to feel before moving. The element that translates the senses to a movement is the brain.

The translated information is vital for your core stability, posture and movement. Any dysfunctions related to the senses and translation affect the motor response.

The goal of my service is to optimize the communication between the senses, the brain and the muscles to improve posture, movements, joint alignment and eliminate your problems.

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