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HOLISTIC CARE that takes your Physical, Mental and Energetic body into account to dissolve your incessant pain in its different forms.

To get out of where we are, we must take a first step in a new direction. 

Embark on a journey and experience the alchemy of modalities as they converge, guiding you through a holistic transformation, where pain dissipates and vitality emerges, unveiling a rejuvenated you.

Change your horizon and take a step into another world, towards a Neuro-Energetic approach.

Andy Audet
Un Corps Équilibré

Sans déséquilibre, il y a équilibre


        Welcome to an experience that transcends the ordinary, stepping into a realm of transformative progress, where every moment is a dedicated journey toward the new and improved you. This isn't just an appointment; it's a curated experience of interventions that yield nothing but progress—physically, emotionally, and energetically.
       Every correction, every nuanced action, is a catalyst for your evolution. It's not about a fleeting change; it's about becoming the better version of yourself. It's a journey that transcends burden, evolving you into the thriving, light, fluent, happy, energetic, and free being you aspire to be.
       In our space, everything we do sticks, constantly propelling you forward in your journey. Our interventions are not repetitions but singular actions that resonate and build, creating a foundation for progress. Each session becomes a stepping stone to the next level of relief and the enhanced version of yourself.
       Pain is a complex companion; it rarely stands alone and doesn't always stem from a single variable. Our approach recognizes this intricacy. Here, we understand that addressing pain goes beyond isolated treatments; it's about holistic well-being. Therefore, we believe in addressing pain holistically, acknowledging its connection to your entire being. 
       What you truly need is a force that brings rapid changes to your body, compounds over time, and fortifies your very being. It's not just about instant relief; it's an investment in your long-term well-being, a tangible journey you can showcase over time. It's a transition from one state to another, a journey supported by interventions that nurture both your physical aspects—musculoskeletal, fascia, muscle, and organs—and your emotional and energetic well-being.
       In our world, this is more than a service; it's an immersion into a transformative experience designed to yield progress in every facet of your holistic self. 

Welcome to a space where each session is an investment in your continuous transformation and well-being, where progress is not just a promise but a palpable reality.

Yoga Child's Pose

Having a body in equilibrium is truly a wonderful experience that can positively impact every aspect of your life.

When your body is in balance, it operates optimally, allowing you to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Physical equilibrium means that your body's structure, alignment, and movement patterns are in harmony. This balance promotes efficient functioning of the musculoskeletal system, reducing strain, tension, and discomfort. It enables you to move with ease, improving mobility, flexibility, and coordination. With a body in equilibrium, you can engage in physical activities, sports, and hobbies with confidence and joy.

But the benefits extend far beyond the physical realm. Achieving equilibrium in your body can have profound effects on your mental and emotional well-being. When your body is aligned, your nervous system functions optimally, promoting a sense of calm and reducing stress. You may experience improved focus, mental clarity, and emotional stability. With a balanced body, you can navigate life's challenges with resilience and a greater sense of inner peace.

Equilibrium in the body also enhances your overall energy levels and vitality. When your body's energy flows freely and harmoniously, you may notice a renewed sense of vigor, increased productivity, and a zest for life. It can unlock your body's innate capacity for self-regeneration, promoting overall health and well-being.

Moreover, the positive impact of having a body in equilibrium extends beyond physical and mental realms. When you feel balanced within, it often radiates into your interactions with others. A body in equilibrium can enhance your ability to connect with people, fostering better relationships, empathy, and communication. It allows you to engage fully in social activities, contributing to a more fulfilling and enriching social life.

Embracing the concept of having a body in equilibrium is an investment in your overall quality of life. It empowers you to experience life to its fullest potential, with vitality, grace, and a deep sense of well-being. It's an invitation to unlock your body's natural wisdom and unleash your true potential.

At Andy Audet A Balanced Body, we are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain this state of equilibrium. Through our integrative therapy service, based mainly on postural neurology, applied neurotherapy, kinesiology, naturopathy and energy work, we work with you to restore balance, optimize function, and support your journey towards a harmonious body and a fulfilling life.

Discover the wonder of having a body in equilibrium and experience the positive ripple effects in all aspects of your life. Contact us today to start your transformative journey towards a more balanced and vibrant you.

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Un peu sur moi

Atteindre un potentiel plus élevé!


Even before I left university (kinesiology) I knew that working only with muscles was not going to be enough to help people the way I wanted. I quickly realized that muscles are just an equation in the complexity of the Human Being. And I know now that they are way down the priority pyramid. The functional aspects of our nervous system come much earlier. The nervous system controls the entire body, so it should be the first element to optimize for a return to balance. After all, our brain is our universal decoder, physical and energetic.

What can we say about our senses, our reflexes, our fundamental motor patterns, our perceptions and our energies? All of which have an effect on the muscles, their coordination and ultimately on our well-being.

My method consists of rehabilitating and optimizing the human body from several angles in a rapid, effective and durable manner.

It is my commitment to discovering the intricacies of pain and well-being.

L'Équilibre Holistique


Helping people in their quest for a pain-free body, to regain their functions and to have a better quality of life while guiding them with alternative and innovative techniques for their recurring and persistent ailments.

Why address one symptom per encounter when we can balance the entire body? Optimize the body for the duration of a lifetime, with the minimum possible encounter.

Passionate about my profession and the human body, I push the therapeutic limits to help everyone who comes through my door in their wellness goals.

Always act for the greater good of the person, guided by my frankness and honesty. The essence of a relationship of trust.

Help you progress, consultation after consultation. Progressing means doing something new each time, therefore moving forward in problem solving. “Madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!” » - Albert Einstein.

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This service is a paradigm-shifting health service, where transformation unfolds without the need for physical manipulation. Yes, you read that correctly – no manipulations of your body.

(To grasp the scope of this integrative approach, consider that individuals with scoliosis find relief through this method, even in online sessions.)
       It may seem counterintuitive if you haven't ex
perienced anything similar. This isn't your conventional solution; it urges you to break free from the logical (or to percieve logic with new variables) and explore divergent avenues. When you step beyond the confines of the purely physical, you unlock a universe of possibilities and unimaginable potential.
       In this unique space, there's no predetermined protocol. Instead, the protocol is you. We navigate your journey guided by your body's signals, leveraging your sensations, feelings, perceptions, intuitions, movements, and anything that emerges during a session. Why? Because the complexity of the Human Being defies predetermined protocols. Your condition is a nuanced interplay of multiple origins, and we embrace this complexity.
       Rather than fitting you into a fixed protocol, we let your unique experience guide the way. The Human Being is a marvel of irreducible complexity, a sophisticated machine and tool. In our approach, we harness this intricate technology to facilitate self-healing. What better guide than your own body and being?
       Welcome to a space where chronic pain is addressed in a truly holistic manner. It's not just about symptom management; it's about exploring the profound connections within your body and unlocking its innate potential for healing and progress. Here, we redefine how health services unfold, inviting you to a journey that goes beyond the physical, where your body becomes the compass for your own well-being.
On a more concret note, we will be looking at your tissue ; yes, like your muscles, but also your fascia, tendons and ligaments on a biomecanic basis, on a neurological basis and on a sensory basis ; what makes it all work and synchronize properly? On what foundations do your movement pattern stand? We're also gona be looking at your digestive system and gut, at it's functions, it's connections and it's energetic influence on your whole being ; how an organ can also impact certain muscle groups. We'll be looking into the energetic structures that feeds all your systems on another level; like meridiens and chakras and how they influence organs, muscles, thoughts and emotions. On that note, emotions and thought patterns also disrupt the proper flow of our well-being, taking a dive into those will be most helpful and eye opening. We'll be looking at all this, plus what's in between and more, in order to get you back on track for good and in a deep meaningful way.

Perte d'amplitude depuis plusieurs années
Difficulté au squat
Blessure il y a 5 ans
Manque de "flexibilité"
Douleur au dos, difficulté tennis
Raideur au cou
Accident, fracture vertèbres thoracique
bascule des épaules
Douleur épaule
douleur dos

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Real experiences, real results

I loved your work and I really appreciated that you explained what you did and what impact this has on the full body. Treatment and teaching in one session, wow... Thanks a lot!
Andy Audet is an amazing therapist! He helped me to get rid of different pains (esp. in my lower limbs). It took 2 sessions and a set of 3 mini exercises at home to become pain free. Definitely a very potent therapy for people in pain or discomfort, who dare to go a bit off the beaten path. Andy is very knowledgeable in different techniques and he has an alternative approach to healing pain in the body. Two thumbs up for the quality and efficiency of his treatments.

- Katja L.

You are a real person and above all very competent. The phrase "to have a gift" takes on its full meaning when we meet you. Thank you so much!

- Miriam M.


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