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The people who come to see me give me a mandate:

To ensure that they recover as quickly and efficiently as possible from their ailments and limitations.


What I do :

Execute the mandate by all means and knowledge that I have.


I also succeed in doing what the hands of a therapist cannot do with unusual and avant-garde methods.

What I want is to offer an improvement, a solution, not a maintenance!


I go beyond the symptomology to find what the body needs to be balanced.


Because, without imbalance, there is balance!

It's crucial to note that our clients don't enroll with us for years; they are transient visitors on their unique passage to well-being


No articulation without pain

Arthritis, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, digestive disorder, brain fog, digestive disorder, heavy legs, poor sleep, numbness, feeling electric shock... and so on (other conditions and more personal and feminine life events).

And all this for years.

Possible #fibromyalgia, but never had the tests.

✅Quickly we had good days (very big victory – only had bad days before).🔋💃
✅ Which keeps getting better and better. We now have better balance, appetite, concentration, much less bloating and inflammation.
✅We continue... we have joints that are 🆗. Elements that are now describable, in the sense that before the pain was vast and now we can target just one place in particular and it's minimal.

Big symptoms = Big imbalance = Longer process
BUT, we never retrace our steps.
We never repeat the same thing.

Your body seeks balance

mal de dos

Example of treatment for back pain



👉Endo-thoracic and transversalis fascia; two deep fascia that help with support and proper contraction of the deep muscles that stabilize the spine.

👉Cranial frontoparietal suture; a limitation can act on micro-movements or simply the polarity of the surrounding tissue affecting the electrical environment of the underlying regions.


The person instantly feels that the throbbing is no longer there and that the unpleasant sensation is much less present.


But although in this case it was rather simple for this specific need, I always go upstream and seek to optimize the body before future problems emerge. (Prevention is better than cure - and who wouldn't want a balanced body...)


Correcting the body at its most fundamental level by addressing all potential sources of a problem is what I offer.

I never do 2 similar interventions, because once corrected we move on to the next step.

Système autonome

Our body, a system that functions independently


If it's true that an ordinary treatment approach does you good, but only when repeated week after week after week, then your body is not functioning independently.


...So your body has lost its integrity. He is incapacitated.

Andy - To get out of the ordinary, because the ordinary hasn't served you well until now!


A person comes to see me because she can no longer feel her left side.

This results in stopping running, because she is afraid of not reacting well to variations in the terrain and falling. A cessation of swimming, because she no longer trusts her arm to support her properly. A stop on the bike, because she doesn't feel her leg turning or her arm holding the handlebars. Loss of confidence in her leg when going down the stairs. And this for 2 years...

Several other symptoms were also present.

She took tests for multiple sclerosis which came back negative, fortunately.

Gradually, meeting after meeting, she came back to doing her sports; 3 running outings, 2 swimming outings (1h30), 1 bike ride per week! And this, with full confidence in his abilities and his feelings.

The body is a formidable machine capable of much more than we think.

mal de dos/père

Not just pain


A man comes to see me for back pain.

It is present in the morning, when he gets up, and he also feels it in his legs.

Rather typical scenario...


...It is also present when he is on his back on the ground... playing with his 1 year+ daughter, he tells me.


In the second scenario, the pain is present almost instantly. We can understand that this changes the dynamic and the father quickly adopts another style of play.


It seems rather banal at the moment, but how many compensatory behaviors we can have and how much it can affect our "play" times, present and future...🧐🤷‍♂️


Physical pain is only ever physical and only ever affects one sphere.

It impacts our entire lives no matter the scenario in which we experience it, it is not normal and we should not accept it as such.


In order to restore balance in the body, my practice requires me to consider several aspects and keep an open mind.


As you may have read in some of my anecdotes, I often mention deep and superficial fascia, muscle functions, cranial sutures, cranial bones, cranial nerves, eyes, vestibular system, feet, primitive reflexes, fundamental motor patterns and even more abstract concepts such as light therapy, chromotherapy, meridians and chakras... and yes the energetic aspect also has its share of impact on the physical body. (It's all muscle, but muscle isn't everything!)


Just the other day, a client had pain on the inside of her thigh.


There were dysfunctional adductor muscles, local superficial fascia, cranial sutures, fascia in the head, but something remained. After working on a chakra and retesting the problem area, the client's expression said it all. “Oh wow! 👀😲 I don’t feel the restriction anymore!”


If you have problems even after doing the same thing 20 times, appointment after appointment, it may be time to consider another aspect of your rehabilitation.


I would never do the same thing twice, because it takes a lot more than just one aspect to make a body functional.


Let's work on every aspect of the body


A client has difficulty looking at my finger when I hold it in front of her face about 8-10 inches away.

She feels attacked, uncomfortable and it is demanding for her to stare at him.

And yet all I do is hold my finger in the air and ask him to look at it.


The eyes are an extension of our brain. It's not a cranial nerve like any other.

With such a response of the eyes we can often notice in these people abnormal fatigue, difficulty reading for a long time, watching TV without falling asleep, concentrating, following an object with the eyes quickly and even having migraines or a lack of motivation/drive.


After a few fixes, she can now secure it up to about 2 inches from the face. Which is a clear improvement.


Technically, we should be able to fix a finger up to the bridge of the nose without difficulty and without the eyes diverging.


Since the eyes are also important to the central nervous system, a deficit can quickly eat up resources and deplete the entire body. The resources that our body has are in limited quantity. Often, when we are in pain it is because the resources are all used up and the body cannot compensate.

Your eyes are the windows to your brain


What does it take to regain good shoulder mobility after several YEARS?

This requires different fixes:

-A visual exercise

-Light therapy

-A cranial suture

-Eye fascia

-Temporal fascia

-Axillary fascia

The zone of restriction is often not the zone where the cause is found!

The ability to express the potential of strength, power, flexibility, endurance and coordination are limited by the brain.

If the brain thinks a particular movement is a threat, it may simply stop us from doing it.


Difficulty with a balance exercise

In fact, everything is going well until she decides to squeeze her stomach. At this moment she found herself losing her swing very noticeably and had to place her other foot on the ground.

I check this and she has a problem with a fascia in the pubic area. So, when it contracts the abs and the pelvic floor it solicits the fascia which has a bioelectric disturbance.

Literally 30 seconds after correcting it, she tries her balancing act again and she's rooted like a tree.

Sometimes it's that simple. But, sometimes you have to investigate a little more to find the cause of the problem.

You too could benefit from my investigation

Retour au travail

Cases under an insurance program; at the end of treatment and “progressive” return to work

-Comes to see me when she already works 25-30 hours a week

-Progression that leaves something to be desired

-Shoulder pain dating from before the accident

-Compensation during gait (slow and painful)

-Great limitation at work and in daily life activities: cannot bend properly for work and cannot take part in daily leisure activities

-Affected region under resistance: limited in the strength of flexion and extension of the affected knee – 10lb, 5 rep

-After an intervention – 40lb, 12 reps in one direction

-Second intervention – end of compensation and limitations

-Ready for rehabilitation to regain physical abilities

Has your gradual return to work left you with a bitter taste?

Still on disability despite your determination?

You will love the Balance Process

Aged over 70, she had an alpine skiing accident about 15 years ago which damaged her knee (ligament and meniscus) and despite rehabilitation, it never returned as it was supposed to. Her knee always remained weak, her right foot began to gradually deform and she had to stop activities. Before meeting me, her right knee was falling inward and she had to voluntarily and continually compensate, via her foot, to straighten her knee and help her hip at the same time. After just one session, she had to compensate 90% less, and the tension she felt during these actions was gone. She has had it again for a total of three sessions to date and she is doing much better. She goes on long hikes with her daughters and can fully participate in many activities.

Ménisque et ligament

Having been struggling with restless legs syndrome for several months already, he sees himself with a high level of irritability and a low ability to completely relax and be able to enjoy simple moments. With a constant need to divert his attention away from his legs, he tries several tricks without success despite being told that there is little that can be done for him. After an unusual intervention, the feeling of restlessness diminishes only in the feet. Then, the next time, it ends up no longer being felt. An alternative world awaits everyone who seeks it.

Jambes sans repos

Difficulty standing for more than 5 minutes and then regretting it for several hours. This condition has been present for several years, but for some time now, there have also been intense sensations of constant burning in the lower body. A few other symptoms are present in the upper body, but “only” 5/10 she says… The symptoms persist, but each session has been a step forward. First session was one of energy treatment to end the session with a grace never felt for a very long time (we go back perhaps 40 years ago). Second session is one of emotional release. Three sessions were necessary to overcome it. Byebye four-wheeler, hello vitality and autonomy.

Jambes brûlantes

A sprained ankle on the right. A sprained ankle on the left. A broken right foot means she is now unable to use the stairs at school, unable to play sports and unable to continue with the physical rehabilitation program because the pain is too intense. This does not bode well for the end of his secondary 3 and his sporting life. After eight months of a deteriorating situation, they are advised to do something different. Surprised that after just one meeting she wore 70% less kintape and was able to work the weekend on her feet without being too embarrassed afterwards. After two meetings, she jumps to her feet. After three meetings, she is even better than before all her incidents. Dazzled by the transformation, the family has everyone checked for their boo-boo.

Chevilles foulées-pied cassé

In the process of returning to work for 6 months, but still struggling with shoulder disability and limiting pain, she decided to think outside the box. The magic happens quickly, because already next time in difficult situations there is an 80% improvement. She needed to stop driving to rest her arm during long journeys and she can now lift loads and work manually with much more ease. What a joy to be able to return to your job without feeling like you are going backwards to work. Now, we are working on much deeper things for this person. It’s when we step out of our comfort zone that we can really flourish and want to refine things.

Retour au travail 2

A daughter accompanies her mother who is over 60 years old. The mother is unable to climb stairs without being in excruciating pain. Just putting the little bench up to sit on the table was a challenge, imagine a complete staircase, or the staircase in his house or simply moving from one place to another to go out and run errands. 5 minutes after the start of the meeting this challenge has turned into dust. It almost makes you wonder why it was ever a challenge. The mother and daughter were amazed at how quick and simple it seemed, despite having tried several rehabilitation and exercise programs. Throughout this encounter, the sensations changed as well as the perceived challenges; as though the body can have several levels of compensation hidden one beneath the other. So, if we only modulate the first visible aspect, we never really reach the point of compensations and imbalances. It's not just finding the cause, but finding the causes of the various symptoms and underlying or latent problems in your body. Navigating the body in this context is like trying to escape a labyrinth; there are several turns to take before exiting. But, it is much easier to navigate the labyrinth of the body with an experienced and above all holistic guide.

Embracing this multi-faceted perspective allows us to unlock the interconnected nature of our physical and mental well-being.

It's time to embark on a journey where addressing multiple dimensions leads to a more profound and lasting recovery.

If you're ready for a change, an approach that considers the entirety of your well-being, then what I offer is exactly what you need. Let's optimize your recovery and elevate every aspect of your health – together.

Muliples facettes

“I have so many aches and pains, I don't know if you'll be able to do anything with me” - Head, neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, hips, knees, ankles, almost every joint has an aspect to resolve . In addition, some psychological symptoms such as headaches, brain fog, difficulty concentrating and digestive symptoms such as bloating and reaction to certain foods are also present and disrupt daily life. But, when you work deeply on the functioning of the body, your overall condition improves with each encounter. Some things are connected and others are not. Why make the journey more difficult when you can take shortcuts and have an impact on the entire work? Let's change the way the body behaves and restore more than one thing at a time. 4 meetings and some change of habit to realize that the pain of departure is non-existent. We remain speechless (without “pain” 😉) in the face of this new reality. We cannot make sense of it without having experienced it, and again. More symptoms do not always mean more difficult or longer to recover.

Opt for a transformative experience that revolutionizes the way you perceive and achieve recovery.

It's time to look beyond the single-symptom approach and discover the benefits of a comprehensive strategy – because your well-being deserves nothing less.

Multipes symptômes

Our service aims to become a beacon of hope for those who have endured and seek transformative change in the face of persistent challenges.

You should know that what works for one person does not mean that it will be exactly the same for another. Human beings are irreducibly complex and many variables interact with each other in even more varied ways. Each problem is unique, even if sometimes they have the same name.

Embark on a journey and experience the alchemy of modalities as they converge, guiding you through a holistic transformation, where pain dissipates and vitality emerges, unveiling a renewed self.

To learn more, visit the tab Reading and visit my page Facebook

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