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Andy Audet
A Balanced Body

Deal with your physical pain ONLINE

Get help from a therapist like never before!

Our integrative therapy services are revolutionizing the way people approach rehabilitation and pain relief.

It's an interactive approach that combines neuroscience and ancestral knowledge (energetic and spiritual) for a more holistic and effective experience.

What we're beginning to describe more and more as a combined, neuro-energetic approach.

It is a unique tailor-made service that helps everyone achieve their goals in terms of pain reduction, from recreational to athlete and from child to senior.

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of your own home with this online service that's just as efficient as an in-person appointment, and even more.

It's a simple and effective way to get help anywhere, anytime, and reach your highest potential.

So don’t hesitate – start your journey to recovery today with our help.

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What customers are saying!

“Who would have thought that without touching me you would do more than anyone has ever done before”

"I have real physical pain and you really helped me get rid of it, Wow! Thank you"

“I never thought I would improve so quickly”

“Wow, it’s amazing that something so simple can make such a difference”

“I took up activities that I never thought I would take up again”

“My body recovers much faster than before, as much from a fall (“a bruise”) as from a cough”

“I consulted for a particular reason without even having mentioned anything else and I find myself surprised by the fact that several things left unsaid have improved or even completely recovered”

“At first I thought it was a bit silly, but I have to admit it makes a difference”

“I don’t have what I had before…it’s impressive!”

"If you had a dog bite at age 3, tell him. If you've been sick often, tell him. You'd be surprised how many things can be relevant in resolving your pain."

“I have so many aches and pains, I don’t know if you’re going to be able to do something with me… [4 sessions later] I never thought I’d be able to get over it in such a short time!”

Energy Healing

Specialized alternative approach

Specialization by experience

The human being is of an irreducible complexity, therefore it is virtually impossible to say what "protocol" will be best for everyone. Every experience is one of growth as much for the client as for the therapist.

Since the beginning of our practice the clients needs has always lead our next step in professional education. To the point where if a client needed a certain approach, next consultation we would have followed that course.

Today, we can say that we're specialized in alternative physical therapy, we include postural neurology, functional neurology, applied neurotherapy, applied kinesiology, kinesiology, fascial work,  energy work and Chinese energetic medicine in order to help people with PHYSICAL PAIN recover at an extremely rapid rate, like never seen before and highly durable.

This way of work also comes from the fact that we actually listen and follow the bodies instructions for proper progression.

All this in order to bring harmony and balance back to your being.

All we need is YOU, to be there, to be open and to transform in as little as 4 meetings (in general). This is not a promise, just an observation.

This goes for chronic back pain, sciatica, scoliosis (longer), fasciitis, tendonitis, other various physical pains and includes sports injury.

Ready to expand your Mind and to have a quantum leap forward with your condition?

Our Philosophy

We believe in progress!

The one where you go forward, not just not go backwards.

Which means we also don't believe in repeating the same thing over and over and calling it maintenance. Not when you're in the negative, the pain zone.

“Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results” - Einstein.

If it doesn't work then we should do something else and look at it differently. 

Hence, the accumulated technics throughout the years.

If you've been feeling stuck and going in circles this would probably be what you're looking for.

Having a balanced body is truly a wonderful experience that can have a positive impact on every aspect of your life.

When your body is in balance, it functions optimally, allowing you to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally.

Physical balance means that your body's structure, alignment, and movements are in harmony. This balance promotes the efficient functioning of the musculoskeletal system, reducing fatigue, tension and discomfort. It allows you to move easily, improving mobility, flexibility and coordination. With a balanced body, you can engage in physical activities, sports, and hobbies with confidence and joy.

But the benefits extend far beyond the physical realm. Achieving balance in your body can have profound effects on your mental and emotional well-being. When your body is aligned, your nervous system functions optimally, promoting a sense of calm and reducing stress. You may experience improved focus, mental clarity, and emotional stability. With a balanced body, you can meet life's challenges with resilience and a greater sense of inner peace.

Balance in the body also improves your energy levels and vitality. When your body's energy flows freely and harmoniously, you may notice increased vigor, increased productivity, and a zest for life. It can unlock your body's innate ability to self-regenerate, promoting overall health and well-being.

Additionally, the positive impact of having a balanced body extends beyond the physical and mental realms. When you feel balanced within, it often radiates into your interactions with others. A balanced body can improve your ability to connect with people, promoting better relationships, empathy and communication. It allows you to fully engage in social activities, contributing to a more fulfilling and enriching social life.

Embracing the concept of having a balanced body is an investment in your overall quality of life. It allows you to live life to its fullest potential, with vitality, grace and a deep sense of well-being. It is an invitation to unlock your body's natural wisdom and unleash your true potential.

At Andy Audet A balanced body, I am committed to helping you achieve and maintain this state of balance. Through my integrative therapy service, based primarily on postural neurology, applied neurotherapy, kinesiology, naturotherapy and energy work, I work with you to restore balance, optimize function and support your journey towards a harmonious body and a fulfilled life.

Discover the wonder of having a balanced body and feel the positive side effects in every aspect of your life. Contact me today to begin your transformational journey toward a more balanced and vibrant you.

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